la teixera


Teixera The lodge is located in the center of the village of Agres (El Comtat - Alicante). Therefore, tenants will enjoy the services the town provides such as a swimming pool, sports center, medical consultation, the butcher, the bakery, restaurants, bars, etc.



All installation hostel is in a second floor patio with barbecue except that it is at street level.


We have 42 beds in bunk beds, divided into 3 rooms of 16, 16 and 10 people respectively. The rooms are provided with lockers and bunk beds with mattresses and pillows, but tenants must bring sleeping bag or sheets and blankets. The rooms are heated by radiators.


The rest of the facilities are in common use, that is, to be shared with other tenants:
The dining room has enough tables and chairs for all tenants, a television, information about the environment, and a wood stove for heating radiators.




The kitchen has an industrial bonfires, two refrigerators and five sinks with hot water. Tenants must bring all those who think using utensils.

The two toilets (boys / girls) have four toilets, two sinks and four showers each with hot water.

There is also a fregadoret where all the cleaning utensils and where there are five spades.


Visit the Hostel before any specific book.

For more information or reservations: 646 523 865